Hierarchy of Taste Keynote at IACP (and academic discount!)

Understanding global shifts in chef-driven movements, including how the fine dining umbrella becomes larger, is at the core of much of my work. So it’s an honor to explore this subject with some of the finest minds in the land for the Saturday keynote of the 2018 IACP conference, on Saturday, February 24 in New York. Follow the link to register (day passes are available; the conference runs February 23-25), and if you are an academic, read to the bottom for a special discount!

Rebellion with a Cause? The Evolution of Our Hierarchy of Taste

Speakers: Krishnendu RayPaul FreedmanAnne McBrideKate KraderBarbara Sibley

French cuisine long reigned at the top of the culinary hierarchy, and fine dining meant dining French. Generations of chefs were trained to believe that their native cuisines could not compete with the standards of excellence imposed by well-codified techniques, a rigorous organizational system, and no fear of luxurious ingredients.

But tastes have changed. Today, chefs can earn three Michelin stars or the adoration of the media and the public with just about any cuisine. A new, global cohort of chefs celebrates their heritage by serving roots, tacos, and seaweeds rather than caviar and foie gras.

Nowhere can you witness more clearly this gastronomic rebellion than in New York, where cuisines from around the globe find a place to flourish. Taking both a historic and a forward-looking perspective, a panel of experts from the restaurant, academic, and media worlds will discuss which cuisines, restaurants, and chefs are emerging and why, what has made our current era the one when the separation from the French canon finally happened, and which cuisines might reign supreme in the foreseeable future.



IACP is pleased to offer a special 40% pass discount to students, academic faculty, and academic administrative staff. To be eligible for this discount you must:

  • Be currently enrolled as a student in a food studies or culinary program at an accredited institution OR
  • Be a current faculty or administrative member working in a culinary or food studies program at an accredited institution.

To receive the discount code, please email proof of your enrollment or employment to IACP at margaret@iacp.com.


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