Portuguese Orange-Olive Oil Cake

Every once in a while I taste something so, so good that I immediately need to obtain the recipe. I might not get to cook the dish right away, but I need to know that I can succumb to my craving any time I want to. That’s what happened after eating a slice of David Leite’s Portuguese Orange-Olive Oil Cake at a potluck last night. The cake was incredibly moist but not oily and the flavors of both the orange and the olive oil came through harmoniously. I could picture serving it with Earl Grey in the afternoon, with rum-laced whipped cream as a dessert, and nibbling at it all on my own any time. I didn’t know that it was David’s at the time, but had to track down the woman who made it in the crowd of 100 to get the recipe right away and found out that it was from his book, The New Portuguese Table. She cautioned that the batter is looser than you might expect before you bake it, so don’t be afraid if that’s the case when you make it. I’m getting to it this weekend.


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